18th Street Closure Pilot Program

DC Government has told us that they do not intend to close 18th Street to vehicle traffic for the remainder of the emergency. We will update this page if the situation changes.

Apply for a parklet to utilize the roadway space in front of your location.

If your business has not yet applied to utilize the parklet space in front of your address, there is still time to do so, but you should do it soon. Any business is eligible to use the space, but there are insurance requirements (below).

Note: businesses are already allowed to utilize the three feet immediately adjacent to your business to display signage, items for sale, etc., but if you are a food & beverage business, you must apply to use that space to serve customers if you do not have a valid patio permit.

All restaurants operating an existing patio space should have already filled out this form. If you have not done so, please do it now. If your business is not in the affected section of 18th Street and you are interested in applying for a parklet space, there are directions on that form to apply via DDOT’s TOPS permit application system.

To apply to use the parklet space on 18th Street between Kalorama Rd. and Columbia Rd., you must fill out this form and provide the following information:

  • Updated insurance requirements (COI must be uploaded via the form):
    • General Liability: $1 million per occurrence / $2 million aggregate
    • Workers’ Compensation: $500,000 per accident for injury, per employee for disease, and for policy disease limit
    • Automobile Liability (for food trucks): $1 million per occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage
    • Execute Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement. A copy of the agreement is provided here.
    • For the streatery on 18th Street, DC Government and The Adams Morgan Partnership BID should be listed on the COI as ‘additional insured.’
  • Businesses must upload a diagram showing the arrangement of their tables and chairs that conforms to the guidelines outlined by the document linked above.
  • Businesses must mark the pavement with chalk or tape to show where their tables and chairs will be located.
  • Tables, chairs, umbrellas, tents, and retail fixtures must conform to the guidelines.
  • Follow the layout provided in the guidelines.
  • Follow the guidance from DC Health for restaurants and non-essential retailers.
  • Number and type of coverings (umbrellas and/or tents) cannot exceed their perimeter or block the pedestrian path (for restaurants and for retailers)
  • All tents can be no more than 10’ x 10’ and cannot be affixed permanently.
  • Tents can be secured using materials such as blocks or other weights.
  • Tents cannot be enclosed (i.e. they must be open on all sides).
  • All umbrellas must be a minimum of 8’ clear of the ground when open.
  • If the participating business plans to use the public space in front of the adjacent property on either side they need to provide written permission from the adjacent property owner (also must be uploaded with form).

Businesses will not be allowed to use the public space if they have not provided this information. The information will be shared with DC Government once it is final and complete.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Brian Barrie.