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For this particular activity, we challenge you to create a painting using pH! Paper coated with indicator is uniquely able to detect different pH levels of your “paint,” which may include lemon juice, vinegar, and other kitchen items. Can you make the paper change color and create a painting? Come on down and find out!

Activities are free for all (adults and kids welcome to play!), and do not require advance registration- just stop by during activity hours. But, if you do register, it will enable you to automatically create a calendar event.

This event is best for kids 3-8 but we welcome everyone to try it, since science and art are for everyone.

This event is part of our Blossoms & Beakers Series taking place April 12-18. For information about the event series as a whole, check out this listing: https://becausesciencedc.com/products/blossoms-and-beakers-april-12-18

We’re also running a daily scavenger hunt with prizes and 20% off all pink and plant items for the event duration.